Virtual & In-Person Session Availability

We are continuing to offer virtual tutoring sessions for clients who prefer this format. We acknowledge that this is the lowest risk option for both students and tutors, but also recognize this isn't always accessible, nor is it the way a lot of students learn best. We are offering these two in-person options as an alternative to virtual sessions and are ensuring the safety and comfort of all parties involved. Please note that our in-person options rely on Washington County staying in at least Phase 1 and that we all stay healthy.  Our cancellation policy has been suspended, so there is no charge if someone becomes ill at the last moment.


  • These sessions occur via Google Meet, Zoom, or whatever platform is secure and mutually agreed upon by the tutor and client. Session length is flexible, though 30 minutes is typically the minimum we recommend to allow for worthwhile engagement with the material being covered.

Truck tutoring.jpg


  • TRUCK TUTORING with Carol McConnell- especially for younger clients.  Open air, shaded, and physically distant.  Masks are required.  $25 per half hour session. Additional discount available if session is scheduled in tandem with another on the route.

  • LEARNING PODS forming after older students get schedules in September.  Tentatively, the plan is to reserve the large room upstairs at Telvet Coffee.  The windows will be open and face coverings will be mandatory.  A limited number of students come to work online for an hour or two.  Carol provides help organizing, motivating and getting started as well as tutoring as needed.  Each student gets an individual coaching/check in session.  Cost $20 per student, per session.  As noted, above, if schedules coordinate, I may be able to serve your student at a discount.